Qubicle Constructor


System requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows Vista® , Microsoft® Windows® XP, Microsoft® Windows® 7, Microsoft® Windows® 8
  • Intel® Pentium® 4 or higher, AMD Athlon™ 64, AMD Opteron™ processor, AMD Phenom™ processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Qualified hardware-accelerated OpenGL® graphics card
  • Three-button mouse

Feature List

  • 10 tools for voxel editing in 2d and 3d
  • Exports to nearly all other 3d applications via Wavefront OBJ
  • Imports/Exports VOX, VXL (Voxlap), RAWVOX (3D-Coat)
  • Imports KV6 (Voxlap), BINVOX (Binvox)
  • Exports XML, Minecraft .schematic
  • Imports bitmap data from file (bmp, png, gif) or directly from clipboard
  • Imports and exports Qubicle's documented exchange formats QEF (ASCII) and QB (binary).
  • Standard primitive generator (box, sphere, cone, pyramid, cylinder)
  • Landscape generator, heightmap importer
  • 25+ modifier to manipulate complete matrices or a selection of voxels, like resize, flip, mirror, rotate 90°, free rotate, hue/saturation, brightness/contrast, desaturate, noise, extrude, stretch, bake shadows, extract core, hollow, fill hollow, divide, extend selection, split off, combine, apply colormap, get/set texture etc.
  • Turntable rendering (as animated gif or bitmap sequence)
  • Unlimited amount of custom colormaps
  • Custumizable global light and blocksize
  • Supported languages: german, english, french, czech

Qubicle Constructor is the center piece of the Qubicle software family. It's a very easy to learn and use voxel editor designed to make complex 3D models based on voxels easy to build, modify and export. Qubicle Constructor provides multiple import and export routines to smoothly integrate into game development, print or 3D animation production pipelines.

Easy To Learn

Working with Qubicle Constructor is as easy as drawing conventional 2D pixel art only in 3D. You are provided with familiar tools like the pencil, the eraser or the paint bucket to draw your models on a 2D canvas or to sculpt in 3D.

It will take you less than an hour to learn the basic principles of Qubicle Constructor and create your first models.


Easy To Use

Qubicle Constructor features an intuitive workflow based on three edit modes enabling you to build precise 3d assets in no time.

To ease editing of complex models made of millions of voxels, Qubicle Constructor introduces the concept of matrices. A matrix is small group of voxels that can be easily selected, moved and mofified. All matrices can be edited and sculpted in a 3d view and on a 2d canvas

Loads Of Helpers

Qubicle Constructor offers a lot of tiny helpers called modifiers which change the structure or coloring of parts of your model. Basic modifiers like rotate or flip are accompanied by tools that for example fill hollows or reduce the colormap. More than 25 of those modifiers are included.

The included landscape generator enables you to create simple voxel landscapes with baked shadows and height grading. You can even import more complex heightmaps generated by third party tools like Terragen.

Landscape Generator

Import and Export

The Constructor imports and exports a variety of famous image-, voxel- and 3d formats plus our own exchange formats.

Qubicle can currently import BMP, PNG, GIF, VOX, VXL, KV6, BINVOX, RAWVOX, QEF and QB and export OBJ, XML, VOX, VXL, RAWVOX, Minecraft .Schematic, QEF and QB.

You can download files exported by Qubicle Constructor here.

Qubicle Constructor 1.6 Basic Stonehearth Home Master
Single Seat License Free $11 incl. taxes $40 incl. taxes $80 plus taxes
Basic features yes yes yes yes
All modifiers   yes yes yes
Landscape generator / heightmap importer     yes yes
Import VOX, VXL, KV6, RAWVOX, BINVOX, QEF, QB   yes yes yes
Export QB (Qubicle Binary)   yes yes yes
Export OBJ, QEF, XML, RAWVOX, Minecraft .SCHEMATIC, VOX, VXL     yes yes
Free upgrades for 1.x versions   yes yes yes
Notification of upgrades and bug fixes   yes yes yes
Commercial use       yes

*requires a valid academic id

All licenses are single seat licenses. Prices are listed in US Dollars. Minddesk reserves the right to change this offer at any time.