Qubicle 2.0

Skip mining. Start creating.

  •   World's finest Voxel Editor
  •   3D Modeling for Everyone
  •   Easy to Learn and Use
  •   Create 3D Objects in No Time

Easily Craft Your Own World In 3D

Share with the world

Upload your creations to Sketchfab, directly out of Qubicle.

Mod your favorite game

Become a game artist and customize game worlds to your liking.

Create your own Merchandise

3D print your models, at home or with online services like Shapeways.

Make your own game

Export optimized meshes that run fast in all game engines.

What our users made with Qubicle

“Thank you for an excellent product! I have been working in Unity the last months but have been off-put by the prospect of doing 3d modelling. Your product makes this so much more accessible!”

Anders Lauridson

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